Sunday, 29 September 2013

Loch Lomond Chill Out

After a stressful summer of revision and exams I was looking forward to getting out in the canoe again and enjoying some hammock time. We headed for Loch Lomond and found a quiet corner on one of the islands, we didn't get up to much but it was good to be back out in the boats again. As always, lots of pics of not a lot ...

Getting the car loaded up Thursday morning I came out of the house to find a fox in the boot, not just up on its back legs but actually inside the car, obviously after the 44L dry bag full of meat. As soon as I stepped out of the front door he/she jumped down, it was brave though, circling the car waiting for me to go inside again.

After a day at the depot switching out a knackered old comms cabinet I met Josh at Aldochlay, we got the boats loaded with firewood and enough food to last a month and set off.

Apparently it was September Weekend in Glasgow so the neds were going to be out in force, we chose a quiet little corner on one of the islands and got settled in.

Thursday night we had a small fire on the beach, we just sat with a couple of beers and caught up. It rained a lot in the night and Friday dawned with thick fog and plenty of mizzle.

Bruce ready for a new home

View across the bay to camp

I was trying out a couple of new quilts for the hammock but they never got a good test as it was so mild.

View from the hammock

Joshs' handywork

Om nom nom

Camp mascot and mobile waste disposal 

A spoon is born

I did a lap around the island in the mill pond like conditions, picking up some old fire dogs on the way round

Colours just starting to change on the trees

On Saturday the sun made an appearance for a short while

Josh away for a paddle

The path leads to ..

.. camp

A castaway in Stephens boat 

A great few days doing nothing much at all, but as always it's time to pack and go home

See ya next winter Bruce

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