Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A few days hanging in The Lakes

I had a few days holiday left at work to take so headed to The Lakes with a pal last week, we were taking the hammocks so I'd scouted out a decent looking place on the maps and Google Earth. I'd picked out an area by a medieval settlement which looked like it would be interesting to see, I wasn't sure what the hammocking options would be like but we found a cosy little place and settled in for a few days.

Some pics ....

The short walk in


The first glimpse of the medieval remains we would encounter

Following the tree line

Stopping for a break at a crystal clear pool

We found a decent looking spot in a very dry plantation, my camo Superfly blending in very well

Micks' setup

We took a wander up through the forest until we broke out onto the clear fellside, a view across to the mountains opposite camp

While Mick had a siesta one afternoon I set out to explore the woods some more

More hanging potential

A bit early for the Primrose but the wood sorrel made for a tasty snack, finding a nice natural stone and moss seat under a tree in the sun

I went to check out the ruins a bit more, if anyone has any information on these types of buildings I'd like to have a read one day

Some were barely visible under the grass

In a cluster of four similar buildings this one was the most intact and visible

Were they roofed, is the outer ring for holding livestock? I think I could make out a smaller wall within the inner chamber, perhaps a sectioned off sleeping area? I couldn't work out were the hearth might be though.

Back to the woods

For a brew

And sausage sarnies, my old Feather 442 which I gave to Mick was temperamental to put it mildly

A nice couple of days and we never saw another soul once we'd left the car park area. We dodged the rain until the last night which meant our kit needed drying out, always a pain, temps were around freezing at night and high single figures throughout the day. The wood we were camped in was like a giant tinderbox despite what seems like endless rain recently, we had to be so careful with any type of fire or flame, digging down through the peat until we hit rock was required. The winds were pretty strong on Thursday night, when you're in a thick plantation with lots of fallen and leaning trees it always makes for a fun time when the wind comes howling through and gets the hammock bouncing :)

Kit List:

ULA Ohm backpack
Warbonnet Camo Superfly
Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 SL
UK Hammocks Winter TQ
UK Hammocks Winter UQ
DIY Weathershield
6 x Alpkit Ti v stakes
6ft poly tree straps
Dutch Clips
Dutch Buckles
Dutch Flyz
Dutch Hook
Dynaglide Whoopies

Bushbuddy Ultra
MBD Mini Atomic alcohol stove
8oz meths (used two)
Broken up natural firelighter bricks
Terra Nova 900ml ti pot
GSi Cascadian plastic mug

Nescafe 3-in-1 sachets
Chocolate Horlicks
Thick pork sausages
Lyons Syrup porridge
Weetabix cereal bars (left on bed at home )
Beef rice
Mug Shots
Hip flask of sloe gin

Poop pack
Wash kit
Bug cream (didn't need)

Zebralight H51
2 x Energizer Lithium AA
MP3 player
Niteize Glowrings

Possum merino beanie
Army wool headover
Meraklon wristies
OR Ninjaclava
Berghaus Powerstretch gloves
Heatholder socks
Norrona Goretex trousers


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