Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back on the water

9th September 2012

I got back tonight from a couple of days out in the canoes with some good friends, I'm struggling to remember the last time I was out with them so it made a nice change to the backpacking I've been doing this year.

Some pics ...

Taking a breather under Meall Daraich

The way we're heading, into the smirr ...



Camp setup, Adventure Puppy standing by

Room with a view

We sat around the fire Friday night and caught up on what we'd all been up to, we shared bacon butties and a couple of beverages and retired fairly early.

View from my tent and Saturday morning

The weather was mixed on Saturday, not much wind but cloudy with the occasional light shower. The midges didn't make much of an appearance which was nice, lots of other critters about the place though, hover flies, butterflies and tons of gangly spiders. I made a rough spoon for the stew in Stephens gimungus pot, processed fire wood and fettled with some sharps for a bit. Later we prepped the veg and got the stew on the go, I nipped off for a paddle in the evening as the wind dropped right off and just looked too tempting not to.

Is that stew ready yet?


After scoffing the stew we had another night watching bushcraft tv and catching up, I was the last to bed at 22:10, lightweights

Bushcraft tv

We tidied up camp, burnt off the dods and packed the boats ready for the off

Grooveski and Stuart69

Stuart69 and Ciara

A great weekend thanks lads, just what I needed. Let's not leave it so long next time though.

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