Tuesday, 24 April 2012

TGO Challenge 2012 - The Kit

I'll add some information next week but for the mean time this is what I'll be taking on the TGO in a few weeks time.

Some weights are missing which I'll edit later.

This is everything I'll be carrying, total weight including fuel for one week and food for three days is 8.2kg.

Numbered for identification

The Big Three

Often referred to as the Big Three is the pack, the shelter and the sleep system

Numbered for identification

1. ULA CDT pack - 481g
2. Ti & Ally stakes x 10 - 110g
3. Thermarest NeoAir short mate - 260g
4. Polycryo groundsheet - 44g
5. MLD Superlight bivvy - 207g
6. MLD Trailstar shelter - 453g
7. OMM DuoLite mat (for feet and sit mat) - 150g
8. Snugpak Pertex bag liner (silk replacement on order) - 209g
9. PHD Minim 300 sleeping bag - 570g

Total Big Three weight = 2.619kg


This is my means of carrying and treating water, plus brew kit and stove

Numbered for identification

10. Source 1L Liquitainer soft bottle (for water in camp) - 28g
11. Drink bottle -
12. Paper cup
13. Jetboil Sol Ti with 100g gas cart inside - 438g
14. Nuun hydration tablets -
15. MSR Hyperflow water filter - 244g
16. Nescafe 3-in-1 x 12 -


Food for three days plus snacks for walking

Numbered for identification

17. Homemade Reflectix pouch cosy -
18. Chilli flavoured peanuts -
19. G.O.R.P for three days (Salted Pretzels, peanut M&Ms, chocolate raisins, banana chips) + bagels and Primula for lunch -
20. Cereal bars x 4 -
21. Mugshots x 3 -
22. Opinel No.8 -
23. Home dehydrated meals x 3 (2 x Shepherds Pie, 1 x Chicken & Mushroom pasta) -

Clothes Carried

I don't carry many spare clothes as these are what bunk up the weight, I keep it to a minimum without risking being cold

Numbered for identification

27. HeatHolder socks for bed -
28. PHD light merino wool socks (for walking) -
29. Icebreaker Everyday merino leggings - 190g
30. Berghaus Powerstretch gloves -
31. Rab beanie -
40. Montane Fireball smock - 235g

Hygiene Pack and Poop pack
Toiletries, towel, thyroid meds and poo tackle, nothing fancy

Numbered for identification

25 (Hygiene)

a. Microfibre towel XS -
b. Sure mini anti-perspirant -
c. Soap (small bar from hotel in NY) -
d. Gehwol refreshing foot balm (decanted into small tub) -
e. Foot powder (decanted into small bottle) -
f. Thyroid meds -
g. Folding toothbrush from Air Canada flight -
h. Mini Colgate toothpaste -
i. Lip balm -

26 (Poop pack)

a. Toliet roll -
b. Hand sanitiser -
c. Mini Bic lighter -
d. Alppoop DIY trowel -

Ditty Bag

These are those things which don't belong elsewhere, handy to have in one place

Numbered for identification

36. Knee brace -
37. Ultrapod -
38. Zebralight H51 - 36g
39. Lithium AA batts x 2 - 28g

Wet Gear

Waterproof smock, trews and mitts

Numbered for identification

41. Berghaus Paclite trousers - 185g
42. Terra Nova Tuff Bag paclite mitts - 75g
43. Rab Demand eVent smock - 283g

First Aid Kit & Map

Self explanatory really, I'll open up the FAK next week and show the contents properly

Numbered for identification

32. Adventure Medical UL 5 first aid kit (with extras) -
33. Osprey pack cover size small -
34. Map & compass
35. Satmap Active 10 -

Clothing Worn

All the clothes I'll be wearing plus footwear, the windshirt and fleece will probably be on and off throughout

Numbered for identification

1. Montane Litespeed windshirt - 186g
2. Montane Fury fleece jacket - 340g
3. Icebreaker 200 LS zip top - 330g
4. Montane Terra pants - 327g
5. Pacer Poles (also used with my shelter so I opted for the heavier but stronger alloy) - 650g
6. Salomon Speedcross 3 running shoes - 626g (pair)
7. Outdoor Research Salamander ankle gaiters -
8. X-Socks Trekking socks -
9. Finisterre merino boxers -
10. Stussy cap (cotton but it's been everywhere with me) -

So that's pretty much it, I've actually just packed for a trip to the Lakes in the morning so we'll see how I get on. The only changes I'll be making are swapping the Pertex bag liner for a silk one and carrying the necessary food until we reach a resupply. I've missed off a couple of bits like my camera, that'll go on my waist strap or into a chest pouch I've ordered.

If anyone's got any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them. I've noticed there's suddenly a lot of views on this post, that'll be all you lucky folk doing the crossing next year then :)


  1. Nice list. Could you tell me where you got the reflectix material for making the cozy?



    1. I managed to grab a roll off a pal who uses it at work, one of those right place at the right time moments

  2. That is a truly comprehensive kit list - I do like looking at what other folk have got in their bags. Trouble is, I usually end up delving into my wallet to buy something new as a result!

    Hope to see you on the crossing - our routes will no doubt converge at some point.

    1. I'm always happy to help another kit tart to feed their habit

      Maybe see you in a week or so, have a great crossing

  3. Nice list. Particularly interesting to me are your pack and shoes. I'vebeen eyeing-up the CDT on Ultralightoutdoorgear but found little to no feedback about it online. Looking at the Speedcross 3 along with the XA Pro 3D Ultra's and Berghaus Vapour Claws in my move from traditional boots to trail runners. Also looking to apply for the TGOC in 2015 so I would value your feedback on these. Cheers.

  4. Hi Elton, apologies for the slow response

    I picked up the CDT second hand a few years ago, I pretty much use it all year round unless I need more room for winter kit, then I switch to my Ohm. I really like the ULA packs and I'd recommend them to anyone, if you're anywhere near Yorkshire you're welcome to take a look.
    The Speedcross were great, I got blisters on one foot but that was my own fault, I always wear a liner sock but for some reason never packed them for the TGO, the second problem was I never cleaned my insoles and washed out the shoes each night. But traction, fit and comfort were superb, they've lasted much better than expected too, I reckon there's another crossing if not 2 left in them yet.

    Good luck if you apply, I'm hoping to be there myself next year.

  5. Thanks. After much deliberation and trying the Berghaus Vapour Claw (too wide) I opted for La Sportiva Wildcats. Theyre a great shoe but yet to put any miles in wearing a pack. Still umming and aahhing over a pack. Problem is that my current pack (Granite Gear Blaze) is very comfy and a gr8 fit bt weighs in at 1,305g. Got my Baseweight down to 7.5kg so is 600g or so gonna make that much difference at the expense of the comfort of my current pack... Yet to decide :-)

    Good luck to you too for next years TGOC. I'm working on the wife already... ;-)